Read the new interview with Bosch Packaging Systems GM about the progress of their BM3 implementation

Being Management was recently implemented at several plants operated by Bosch Packaging Systems. They use the system to manage a portfolio of complex customer projects across several departments that handle functions spanning from technical engineering to assembly. The excerpt below is from the interview with Bosch General Manager, Dr. Christian Walti and his team:

Q: Can you tell me more about the kind of projects you work on and the way you applied BM3 to your business?

A: As part of Bosch Packaging Technology, Bosch Packaging Systems AG is one of the leading companies in the development, manufacturing and sales of packaging and handling systems, including flexible robot-based solutions for various industrial products such as food and confectionery, healthcare and personal care applications as well as pharmaceuticals.

Customer specific packaging systems require planning and steering of projects across several technical departments, assembly departments and profit centre. Because of complexity and engineering effort, a project can have a throughput time of up to one year…

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