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We have been fortunate to earn the trust of a wide variety of clients who use our software to get better business performance by delivering projects faster and more reliably than ever imagined possible. A partial list of our client is below.

Case Studies

If you are interested in discovering how BeingManagement software can improve your business, consider how others have implemented this project portfolio management solution to achieve dramatic results. BeingManagement has been applied in various different functional domains:

  • New Product Development
  • Build To Order (BTO)
  • Construction & Facilities Management
  • Maintenance & Overhaul
  • Information Technology (IT)

All of the organizations highlighted in the case studies on this page recognized the impact that moving from single-project software technology to a project portfolio solution would have on the speed and due date reliability of their project-based businesses. Click below to explore selected case studies of BeingManagement implementations.

Bosch Packaging Technology


Take a moment to explore what our clients have to say about BeingManagement. Our project portfolio management solution has been implemented all over the world in businesses both large and small, and in diverse industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, software development, aviation, construction and more. Click through to read interviews with clients who have shared exciting achievements for their business as well as advice about obstacles they faced along the way.

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