BeingManagement elevates your organization’s resource management mindset to a portfolio view with complete capacity management capabilities.

The tools that are built into the software break down the unintended business silos that exist even in shared resource environments to optimize the allocation of resources across a project portfolio. Elevate your current resource management capabilities from the project to the portfolio level and gain the visibility and leverage to apply resources where they are needed most. Use forecasting capabilities to plan how much of each skill set you will need and run what-if scenarios to determine the best resourcing strategy for your pipeline.

Clarity on organizational capacity is essential, but has been mostly elusive until now.

Build capacity loading policies into the system and manage resources with automatic project staggering, portfolio what-if scenario analysis, and auto completion date calculation. BeingManagement throttles demand to prevent the overloading that plagues so many businesses and limits project velocity. Most importantly, use the system to eliminate unproductive multi-tasking and work interruptions that ultimately focus your resources on completing the most critical tasks.

Use the Skill Map to optimize resource assignments.

With the skill map, portfolio managers can centrally manage the level of proficiency and skill grade of each resource. BeingManagement helps resource managers allocate tasks to the appropriate resources during project execution. The system is designed to analyze a portfolio and maximize project speed and on-time completion performance. Your customers will thank you for delivering the best on-time completion rates they have ever experienced.

Eliminate resource hoarding and tap into unused capacity.

Most organizations that have not implemented project portfolio management cause project managers to hoard resources. This behavior may optimize resource utilization at the project level, but sacrifices productivity of the entire portfolio. BeingManagement creates an operating environment where project managers work with the big picture and can safely share resources without fearing that they will shoulder additional risk. Finally, your resources will belong to the portfolio rather than a project and your business will benefit from a rush of untapped capacity.

Focusing is power! Achieve incredible speed and management insight.
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