A graphical network editor enables project managers to collaborate with stakeholders and build a project plan that the whole team has confidence in.

And once the network is built, BeingManagement’s powerful scheduling capabilities are put to work. The system builds a schedule that can be trusted by the team without requiring labor intensive manual manipulation or error checking. More importantly, the schedule exists in a multi-project environment, so information about tasks and resource requirements are being compared across the portfolio.

Managing projects with BeingManagement truly simplifies the project manager’s job.

A surprising majority of project portfolio management programs were built with the objective to collect more information for management, which actually complicated the project manager’s job and overloaded them with administrative work and data input. It also causes those systems to operate with a crippling data lag, eliminating the advantages of a real-time system.

BeingManagement breaks this conflict and streamlines the information entry required of stakeholders at each level in the portfolio hierarchy. Information can safely be entered by resources to update task status, eliminating delays from information relay and without fear of user errors propagating through the system.

Project managers now have the tools to successfully manage their projects while retaining a collaborative mindset and an awareness of how to contribute to the global good of the portfolio.

The fever chart is used by project managers to gauge how their projects are performing. Since risk is shared at the project level rather than spread between each individual task, project managers can recognize schedule risk significantly earlier. Now they can make the necessary adjustments to recover the project before heroics and expensive solutions are required.

Focusing is power! Achieve incredible speed and management insight.
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