Task Management is no longer a game of who yells the loudest.

Clear up the traffic jam in your organization as project managers compete for shared resources to work on perceived high-priority tasks. BeingManagement enables the creation of universal task-level priorities across the portfolio.

A system to manage priorities brings collaboration and teamwork to your portfolio.

With a system to manage priorities that cascade to the task level, tasks are initiated to minimize risk for the portfolio. Project managers now work together with a shared understanding of which projects will produce the best results for the organization. This simple, universally applied metric guides decision-making within the system and eliminates the black box uncertainty around more complex task management algorithms.

BeingManagement takes the guesswork out of deciding which tasks are highest priority. It is the ultimate project execution tool.

Project tasks are typically prioritized without truly understanding the impact on the remaining active projects. BeingManagement is designed to deliver all projects on time, or early, and the Task Manager function takes the guesswork out of the equation. Task managers receive direction from the system about which tasks will minimize schedule risk and will understand why because of the transparency that is built into the system. As a result, your organization will operate with more confidence and more speed than ever.

Eliminate confusion and unnecessary management distractions.

Resources get a simple interface to view and update their tasks. By using the My Tasks feature, resources can instantly view the tasks assigned to them, you can quickly check the status and execution priority of the task. Resources can also see the details about the task and provide daily updates to enter the remaining time to complete the task.

Focusing is power! Achieve incredible speed and management insight.
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