What Are the Keys of Continued Success?

Critical chain project management (CCPM) is the TOC solution for planning, scheduling and managing performance in a project environment. Today, CCPM has been used to improve performance in new product development, software development, engineering-to-order, major assembly production, and many other environments in hundreds of implementations around the world.

Many implementations have been successful in reducing the duration of projects, cutting costs and bringing back sanity and order to the workplace, BUT some have flourished for a while and then have faded.

What are the keys of continued success with CCPM?

  • Getting the magnitude of results requires a paradigm shift, which cannot occur without dedication and executive support.
  • To get the results, we must drive major behavior changes in the way we manage all projects. This requires changes in policies and practices that are deeply embedded in our project management culture.
  • Two types of skills are mandatory – technical and managerial. Mandate the team to design both technical and managerial changes in policies and practices.
  • One of the biggest dangers after implementing a major change is slipping backwards. Do whatever it takes to make the changes stick.

If you think your organization lacks the insights of CCPM or a correct road map of CCPM implementation, you can get both of them from the CCPM training program.

Important Things You Need to Know before Implementing CCPM

We are pledged to offer a best program in order to train employees in CCPM according to your needs. An example is as follows.

Sample Agenda:

  • TOC Insights into Project Management
  • How to Change a Paradigm
  • Implementing New Policies & Practices
    • Reducing Bad Multi-tasking and Project WIP
    • Full Kitting
    • Critical Chain Planning
      • Building Critical Chain Plans
      • Building Template Library
      • Launching Staggering Process
    • Managing Execution Processes
      • Launching Single Priority System
      • Launching Consistent Recovery Approach
      • Essential Behaviors of Good Managers
    • Sustaining & Improving Results
      • Preventing Backsliding
      • Load Control and Capacity Elevation
      • Process of Ongoing Improvement
    • Strategy & Tactics for Profitable Growth
    • CCPM software

TOC/CCPM Experts

We are proud to introduce you our partners, TOC/CCPM experts who provide CCPM training and consulting. A partial list of our partners is below.

Andrew Kay - Owner and CEO at TOC3 Pty Ltd
One of Australia’s foremost TOC thinkers and practitioners
- Region: Australia, Asia

Anthony Fouqué - Consultant at AGILEA Expert en Supply Chain Management
Endorsed Critical Chain Project Management/Supply Chain Implementer at TOCICO
- Region: France, Europe

Brian MacClaren - Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder at NOVACES
TOC Expert certified by AGI - Goldratt Institute
- Region: USA

David Updegrove - Principal of Clearview Solutions
Author of "The Critical Chain Implementation Handbook"
- Region: USA, Canada

Franz Nowak - CEO at Private Network Solutions GmbH
Experienced Chief Executive Officer certified by TOCICO (Thought Processes, Project Management, Finance)
- Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Héctor Miguel Páez Cervantes - Founder and CEO of Leversens
- Region: Colombia, Mexico, South America

Mario Gil - Director, INDOLINK CONSULTING S.L.
Managing his own consulting firm, which assists international companies to set up business in India
- Region: Spain, India

Mark Woeppel - Founder and President of Pinnacle Strategies
International management consultant working to improve operations performance in project management and processes
- Region: USA, Canada, Asia

R. Sundara Raghavan - Founder and Principal Consultant at TAPAS
Certified Practitioner of ‘TOC Project Management’ and ‘TOC Supply chain’ by TOCICO
- Region: India, Asia

Tim Comanns - Senior Consultant and CCPM Expert at Vollmer & Scheffczyk GmbH
- Region: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Europe

Valentin Borisov - CEO at Progressive Flow Bulgaria
- Region: Bulgaria, Europe

Many companies have earned the benefits of CCPM. Would you like to get the same benefits for your business? TOC experts around the world look forward to having you join us!

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