The volume, complexity, and scale of today’s projects demands an enterprise approach to project scheduling.

Many organizations to this day schedule their projects manually using traditionally accepted project management principles. Unfortunately, the complexity, volume and scale of projects does not lend itself to the processing power of the average project manager. Today’s project-based businesses demand a more sophisticated and systematic approach to project scheduling at the enterprise level. While some ace project managers may be capable of adequately processing these scheduling scenarios, this does not create a high performance system for the organization to capitalize on.

The graphical network tool enables project managers to collaborate with stakeholders and build a project plan that the whole team has confidence in.

Once the network is built and task estimates are entered, BeingManagement’s powerful scheduling capabilities are put to work. The auto-schedule function automatically builds a schedule that can be trusted by the team without requiring labor intensive manual manipulation or error checking. More importantly, the schedule exists in a multi-project environment, so information about tasks and resource requirements are being compared across the portfolio.

Rest assured that BeingManagement’s scheduling capabilities have been tested and proven in diverse project management environments.

BeingManagement was built to be like an open book, so project managers can easily understand how the system is building the schedule and have confidence in the critical decisions they are making. And BeingManagement has been applied in diverse project management environments, even those with short-duration tasks (less than one day). Whether it is a complex multi-year development project or a rapid, logistically challenging one, a corporate environment or multi-plant industrial one, BeingManagement has proven to perform elegantly in all of those environments and anything in between.

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