Project managers now have the right tools to manage their projects with a collaborative mindset that supports the success of the entire portfolio.

In BeingManagement, buffers are used to protect the schedule and maximize the probability of on-time or early completion. The buffers are created in the system by spreading schedule risk that is typically accounted for at the task-level into a single project-level buffer. This information is consolidated into a project fever chart.

Executives see a portfolio fever chart that provides all the information needed in a single, simple view for all projects. That means no more information overload.

The portfolio fever chart greatly simplifies the information that must be processed to make a decision about where to focus management attention. Even more importantly, issues within the portfolio are identified sooner, which allows for earlier and less costly management interventions (such as reduced overtime requirements). This dashboard view allows an executive to see how all projects are performing based on where a project appears in the green, yellow, or red regions of the chart. When required, it is possible to drill-down on individual projects to the level of detail desired. Ultimately, BeingManagement is an indispensable system for executives who wish to stay apprised of project performance, but appreciate not being overburdened with excess information and unnecessary complexity.

Focusing is power! Achieve incredible speed and management insight.
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