What is BeingManagement?

BeingManagement is a project portfolio management software that enables organizations to seamlessly manage all projects, resources and tasks within one enterprise solution. It is designed specifically for businesses that depend on speed-to-market and reliable delivery to customers with its sophisticated, yet elegantly simple system for executing complex project portfolios. The ability to accelerate projects reaches its full potential when this system is used as a platform for implementing Critical Chain. If speed is mission critical for your business, BeingManagement is the perfect fit. Learn more

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It's like having a GPS navigation system for project portfolios [...]

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Case Studies  

  • St. Alexius
    St. Alexius

    St. Alexius Medical Center is investing heavily into their facilities and needed a solution to manage their portfolio of capital...


    Mazda used BeingManagement to develop the award-winning SKYACTIV engine technology in half the time it typically took to launch new...


    Ricoh set a goal to launch a new business with very aggressive goals for new product development. Learn how Critical…


    BeingManagement helped Omron get the visibility they needed to manage a large portfolio and deliver projects on time.

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There are three antiquated rules in project management that cause major limitations on business performance and that ultimately waste so much opportunity. They are only overcome by introducing a new set of rules that allow a business to fully leverage the potential of its people and its core capabilities. Decide if your organization is suffering from these limitations and learn three project portfolio management solutions that will transform your business. Download white paper >>


  • Due to the application of the new project planning and steering methodology, in combination with BM3, we improved our adherence to schedules and increased our output with the same amount of employees.

    Dr. Christian Walti

    Bosch Packaging Systems

  • BM3 software was what gave me the capability to plan how to execute these projects. I can move things around and see what is going to happen to us, which is really nice. We can start having conversations about stopping a project, or delaying a project, or waiting on a project for 3 months, or here is a window for...

    Doug Johanson

    St. Alexius Medical Center

  • Seeing the demand on our resources is a critical thing for us. We can look at that graph and stagger the projects in our portfolio. The ease of that whole visual is stunning and it follows the process that we were taught, so when you put those two things together it’s powerful and easy.

    John Zahora, COO

    Tark Inc.