An Interview with Bosch Packaging Systems

Dr. Christian Walti (General Manager), Hans Peter Baumann (Head of Project Management and Sales Support), Jürgen Waldmann (Project Manager CCPM-Project)

Were you using project management software before you implemented Being Management?

Before implementing Being Management we were using Microsoft Office Project for project planning and project monitoring. In addition, several Excel tools helped us to manage tasks within the departments.

Why did you decide to implement Being Management?

For implementing Critical Chain Project management and Theory of Constraints we realised that a tool like Being Management is required for planning and operations of complex customer projects and especially for the visualisation of a multi-project landscape. Another Bosch location already used Being Management and was satisfied with it. On top of that, the software is characterized by excellent visualisation and usability. The possibility of fast implementation, easy operations and acceptable efforts for users finally convinced our project team.

Can you tell me more about the kind of projects you work on and the way you applied BM3 to your business?

As part of Bosch Packaging Technology, Bosch Packaging Systems AG is one of the leading companies in the development, manufacturing and sales of packaging and handling systems, including flexible robot-based solutions for various industrial products such as food and confectionery, healthcare and personal care applications as well as pharmaceuticals.

Customer specific packaging systems require planning and steering of projects across several technical departments, assembly departments and profit centre. Because of complexity and engineering effort, a project can have a throughput time of up to one year.

What do you like most about Being Management, what are the things that stand out for you?

The visualisation in Being Management creates an excellent overview of the project portfolio: with a few clicks you can gain a specific view for Teamleader, Project Manager or Business Unit Manager. Roles, task and project priorities become visible for everyone. As it handles in a similar way like Microsoft Project, we experienced quick acceptance by users which together with the high engagement of all employees involved made it possible to implement within three months.

Can you talk about some of the benefits that you feel that BM3 brought to your business, what kind of improvements did you see, and what was important to you?

Due to the improved transparency, the accurate and important customer projects have priority in our whole organization. The up to date view allows our project teams to identify the need for actions very early.

Being Management helped to speed up implementation of the CCPM principles. Bottlenecks became visible and potentials for process improvement were identified.

Due to the appliance of the new project planning and steering methodology, in combination with Being, we improved our adherence to schedules and increased our output with the same amount of employees.

Did you face any major challenges or any kind of obstacles in implementing BeingManagement?

Not directly with implementing Being Management. There are a lot of challenges within the change process that requires a change in mind set with regard to the CCPM methodology.

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