Latest Release of BeingManagement Provides Flexible dashboard and enhanced features for Performance Measurement.

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Being Co., Ltd. announced in February, 2016 the release of BeingManagement v3.8, the Critical Chain Project Management software. This major update of the software is part of a series of planned releases and follows version 3.7. Being continues to pursue its strategy to build the most powerful and user-friendly multi-project critical chain software openly available on the market.

This release of BeingManagement3 is part of Being’s development strategy to make the software more compliant with the Strategy & Tactics approach for implementing Critical Chain Project Management and to make the user interface even more simple and efficient.

Several notable updates include
1. My page -Showing role-based information in panel form
2. Performance Measurement
3. Operational support to keep information fresh
4. Usability enhancements

The new version rolled out to the global implementation partner network today and will be available for users very soon to begin the upgrade process. For more information about the upgrade including upgrade instructions, please contact us at support@beingworldwide.com.