Myth: Start a new project immediately to give it the best chance of on-time completion.

Constraints in your organization dramatically reduce project throughput when overloaded and multi-tasked. Everyone is working hard to stay on schedule, but somehow it feels like a losing battle. Most commonly, organizational behaviors cause projects to be started as early as possible. The result is counterintuitive – it is actually slower project speed and more late projects, not the desired opposite effect. The good news is that BeingManagement’s pipeline tools provides the insight required to make the right decisions about when to begin new projects and still maintain maximum project throughput.

Use BeingManagement to decide which projects to start and when to start them.

A unique tool in BeingManagement called FlowPlanner enables pipeline managers to determine the most advantageous time to initiate a project in the portfolio and complete it on time without overloading the organization. Further, FlowPlanner provides a what-if analysis function to model the impact of starting different projects in the queue and the resulting impact on the portfolio.

Finish projects 20-50% faster and with excellent due date reliability.

The combination of the capabilities in BeingManagement along with the behaviors it reinforces in the organizations who implement it results in dramatically higher project speed and due date reliability. This approach to project scheduling, task and resource management, and pipeline planning come together to deliver projects a documented 20-50% faster than what is achieved with the traditional single-project approach. As a result of this, the untapped capacity in the existing organization should bring to any executive’s mind the incredible new potential for the business.

Focusing is power! Achieve incredible speed and management insight.
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