Since its establishment in 1976, OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd has developed public systems, or more appropriately, social infrastructures. For over 30 years these have included such projects as urban traffic control systems, train station automation systems, financial ATMs, and credit card point-of-sale systems.

OMRON had embarked on the development of small to medium scale system and was working with a partner company. OMRON recognized an issue with the delivery date and wondered, “Is it really OK when the person in charge assures you ‘OK’?” When leaders asked about progress, the project leader reported back, “We’re doing alright.” However, what was actually meant was, “We’re doing our best to meet the deadline.”

Fearing a delivery delay, OMRON decided to introduce critical chain project management with BeingManagement3 project portfolio management software for this initiative.

omron_chartThe development of the “ene-brain,” an energy-saving auto-analysis system of OMRON’s Environmental Division, was at a critical point. Severe price competition and other internal factors result in a strict requirement for “shortest lead time and lowest cost” for all projects at OMRON.

Flash back to 2009, just three days before the delivery date of another important development project, the project manager discovered that, “It’s not possible to make it in time.” In only three days, nothing can be done. As a result, the important project was delivered late.

This time, the project manager decided to use BeingManagement3 to prevent a delivery delay and, since there are many different projects for the limited number of staff (one person might work on 5 or more projects simultaneously), it also helped to better balance the use of resource balance and the delays that multitasking causes.

The Team’s Experience With BeingManagement3
Right away, the project team using BeingManagement3 noticed a big difference in the environment they were working in. Listed below are the team’s feedback on their experience before and after critical chain was implemented.